Mould Making

We have exported thousands of high quality platic moulds and moulded parts to many famous companies including GE, Philips, Samsung, Siemens, Dell, Sony, Audi and Ford. Our mould workshop is equipped with advanced high speed CNC machines, high precision wire cutting machines, gun drilling machines, fitting machines and measurement machines. We offer you practical design and reliable solutions in a cost effective manner, and our sophisticated testing and production equipments ensure the highest quality of your products. We build on our strengths, our creativity and our experience, guaranteeing a prosperous future for you and Daywell mould.

Until now daywell mould has achieved in building various type of molds, such as precise mould, hot-runner system mould, double-color mould, shuttle mould, big size mold, core -interchanged mold, etc. At the same time we are specialized in die-casting mould.

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